Gender Detective (for it is she):

[T]he entire fucking problem with the queer community… can be summed up in one incredibly self-important and obnoxious quote:

It’s hard to win trust in the trans community, and shockingly easy to lose. Trust can vanish like love spurned, in an instant, with no hope of winning it back.

The fact that this is something someone would say without feeling like an asshole is mind-boggling to me. [T]his is the behavio[u]r of an abuser: Set arbitrary rules, keep everyone around you in fear of breaking them, react with fury and shaming the moment they step out of line, and then recast your instability and aggression as a reasonable reaction to the other person’s “failures.” Then repeat, repeat, repeat, until you have control. The relationship between feminism and the queer community is the abuser narrative writ large.

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