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  1. New Yorker article, 2015:

    1. “Jody Akana… is unusual in the group for having a declared specialty: colo[u]r”

    2. Bart André

    3. Alan Dye

    4. Evans Hankey

    5. “Austrian-born surfer Julian Hönig”

    6. Richard Howarth

    7. Eugene Whang

  2. Leander Kahney’s terrible book, 2013:

    1. Marj Andresen

    2. Daniele De Iuliis

    3. Danny Coster

    4. Richard Howarth (pictured; New Yorker thus confirmed his name)

    5. Peter Russell-Clarke

    6. Chris Stringer

  3. Designer-at-large or ‑on-call Marc Newson

Not included: Type designers.

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