Who finds Gengoroh Tagame (op. cit.), in his natural state and not when writing and illustrating a G-rated novella about lovable musclebear dads, a bit much? I can barely get through his English blog.

Nonetheless, after the manner of Mishima, when viewed in translation many of Gengoroh-san’s story titles are unexpectedly poetic.

  • The Afterstory of the Mountain Cottage Training Camp

  • The Army of Fallen Tears

  • A Boy in Hell

  • Company Slave Elegy

  • Dissolve

  • Nº 1 with a bullet: Do You Remember the South Island POW Camp?

  • The Fallen Rugby Player

  • Father and Son in Hell

  • The Flower Garden of Bondage

  • The Flying Dutchman

  • The Gamefowl in Darkness

  • The House of Brutes

  • In the Chest

  • The Long Lonely Night

  • The Midnight Business

  • The Mountain Cottage Training Camp

  • The Nonulcer Dyspepsia (apparently for real)

  • The Protégé

  • Purgatorio

  • The Rasp

  • Run, My Horse, Run!

  • The Silent Shore

  • The Silver Flower

  • Slave Training Summer Camp

  • The Soldier’s Brave Blood

  • The Song for Defeated Samurai

  • Standing Ovations

  • The Unpatriotic Boy

  • The Vast Snow Field

  • The Winter Fisherman Lodge

  • The Yakuza’s Brave Blood

  • The Yoke of Shadow

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