Among those who choose a public profile, hence open themselves up to fair, if harsh, criticism, each month seems to bring us a new Worst Transgender. But I’m pretty sure Paul Wolscht, who calls himself Stefonknee, will wear that crown much longer than a month. How could any tranny be worse?

For simplicity, I’ll call him by his actual name, Paul, and certainly not by the pedophilic bastardization of “Stefanie” he prefers to use. “Stefonknee” suggests a little girl bouncing on daddy’s or Santa’s knee. But what a coïncidence! This 6′2″ overweight male, a deadbeat dad of seven kids, doesn’t just “identify as a woman” but identifies as a six-year-old girl.

To again paraphrase Quentin Crisp, which in turn will again prompt the same question from queers, trannies, and LGBTs (namely “Who?”), if this is a free society then Paul Wolscht has the right to dress up like a linebacker in drag. He can call himself any number of things. Outside the arenas where rights are protected, though, we don’t have to go along with any of that. To paraphrase someone else (Ray Blanchard), once you decide to call yourself transgender you’re recruiting everybody else to star in your own private movie. And in Paul Wolscht’s case, that movie is not exactly kiddie porn but halfway to that point.

Everyone’s entitled to consensual adult sexual relations, but once you go to this much trouble to talk about it in public, we get to talk back. And while I am pleased to carry a Black Eagle Kennel Klub membership card and I bemusedly repost unintentionally humorous photos of dudes in pup hoods over on Facebook, I’m going to suggest that what Wolscht is doing, all of it out in public, doesn’t just make criticism possible but invites same. Let’s give this creep enough knee sox to hang himself with, metaphorically speaking.

  • His infamous interview with Xtra (where else?) not only seals the latter’s fate but makes him look as crazy as he really is. And, out of nowhere, he talks about suicide.

  • Wolscht appeared on a porn podcast entitled the Heart. Mail them at their nice generic address and you get an auto-reply from a Gmail account beginning with audio.smut.radio. (I did that and the auto-reply was all I got.)

    • From the episode “How to Be a Princess” (sic), Wolscht recounts this fairy tale (≈11:18):

      Here we were, the two of us, and I felt like the high-school girl with her crush. And this guy really liked me!

      We ended up going to a room upstairs, and we started kissing and cuddling. And at a certain point, I rolled over. I had my eyes closed, because I was scared, because I didn’t know if it was gonna hurt. He was, like, really, really gentle, and lubricated well. Because I said to him “I don’t think you can get it in.” And he said “Stefanie, I am in.” And he took my virginity. And it didn’t hurt – it felt beautiful. I felt like a woman. Um… and… like, I’m surprised. I didn’t think I was gonna be pregnant.

      He said that in a way that connoted “I thought I was gonna get pregnant!”

      I was so much a girl! And I actually have an erection right now [giggling], so I’m just going to pull my dress down a little bit.
      [Female interviewer giggles]

      Then Wolscht called up the wife of the so-called “daddy” and they talked about how daddy sodomized this adult male. This daddy, who, not incidentally, is British, later says (≈17:16): “She’s able to relive some of the things she was never able to do as a six-year-old.” One of those, apparently, is to be sodomized in a “swinger’s club.”

      If Stefanie Wolscht is actually a six-year-old girl, this British daddy committed illegal child sexual abuse.

    • At ≈18:20: “My role in this relationship is to be a little girl or a big girl, a little boy or a big boy. I’ve evolved to the point where I don’t care if I’m male or female. I don’t care if I’m Stefanie or Paul. I don’t care if I’m an adult or a little kid.”

      “But,” the hostess of the show points out, “at 6′2″, hiding isn’t an option for Stefanie.”

  • Now we come to the public suicide threats. I use the plural on the assumption he’s done this many times before, but over the weekend of December 6, this creep called up Andrea Houston, well known in these pages, and claimed to be planning to kill himself. This was a lie all along, but Mr. Houston dutifully overreacted and shrieked on Twitter: “My friend Stefonknee just called to tell me she is going to kill herself. Stef, I love you. Please don’t do it.”

    Included in that message was this screenshot, in which Wolscht calls for dox(x)ing of an actual real woman:

    Wolscht: “Help! I need all trans activists that cane help me dox GenderTrender people”

    Then Mr. Houston, a former Honoured Dyke now with a boyfriend, repeated the accusation by Daryl Banks (also well known in these pages): “You terfs [sic] harass trans women like this to suicide. Then harass people worried for their lives after you drive them to suicide.”

    Mr. Houston’s boyfriend, Jonathan Goldsbie, carried out his role as transgender apologist, despite having no ladyhorsecock in that hunt, and spun a similar narrative of driving a poor trans “woman” to suicide: “So anti-trans bigots picked up on a recent Xtra video about Stefonknee Wolscht and have harassed her to the point that she’s suicidal.”

    “Why all the fuss, daddyo?” one might ask Paul Wolscht. All that happened is a (presumed) lesbian published actual facts about him after he made himself a public figure. But because this presumed lesbian did so at the blog called GenderTrender, well, as far as tranny apologists were concerned simple statements of fact became hate speech. (Sort of like how “misgendering” is “violence.” Or how some women have dicks. The former isn’t and the latter don’t.)

    GenderTrender documented Wolscht’s deadbeat-dad status, his perverse paraphilias, and his admission of guilt in a criminal matter. (Despite my asking GenderTrender to publish citations for that last point, they havent’t done so yet. But I haven’t read Wolscht’s claiming it never happened, and believe me, I looked. I also checked Westlaw and found no citations, but that didn’t surprise me.)

Paul Wolscht never intended to kill himself. After inducing the police to issue a false alert to the public (calling him a “woman” – why not a “girl”?), he showed up “safe.” Then, realizing that his public stunt made him even more unpopular with the actual public, he did what you would expect any reasonable woman to do and challenged critics to a fistfight at Allan Gardens.

(Incidentally, here’s how the cops characterized Paul Wolscht: “She is described as white, 6’4”, 270 lbs., with medium-length blonde hair.” In case there were a crowd of undifferentiable such “women” you had to pick through to find Wolscht.)

I wondered just what the hell Mr. Andrea Houston and her non-dyke boyfriend thought they were doing. Or whom they were fooling, to be more precise.

Remember, Houston got shitcanned from Xtra and now works for the single greatest legal menace to gays and lesbians in this province, New Democratic Party member of provincial Parliament Rev. Cheri DiNovo. You’ll remember DiNovo as the MPP who made it illegal, under Bill 33 (Toby’s Act), to hold all-female gatherings. (Her statement to the Toronto Star after women were hounded out of their own conference: “Whether it’s legal or illegal, it’s still reprehensible. I’m hoping that now under Toby’s law, this will be considered illegal.”)

I sent along a few questions to Mr. and Mrs. Houston-Goldsbie.

  • If Paul Wolscht is a woman because he says he is, is he a six-year-old girl because he says he is?

  • Given that Wolscht talks about suicide in the Xtra video, why is it news when he threatens to commit suicide later?

  • Do you have evidence that the Xtra video, which I watched and which clearly shows Wolscht seated in a studio, was filmed without his permission?

    • What do you expect the free press to do with documents like personal interviews except report on them?

    • How is the publication of actual facts about Wolscht “harass[ment],” and how would that amount to harassment to the point of suicide?

  • GenderTrender documented that Wolscht is a deadbeat father of seven with a criminal record. Is this the kind of “trans woman” you feel represents “trans women”? Is he the kind of trans* woman you should really be getting behind?

  • Is publication of true facts “bigot[ry],” or is it that only when people you disapprove of – like women, feminists, gays and lesbians, and everyone who knows penis is male – do it?

  • Do you agree now, in cold light of day, that Wolscht’s suicide threat was like all his previous ones – unserious?

I asked this question about Wolscht’s interview with that smut podcast: “If Wolscht is a woman because she says she is, then she’s also a six-year-old girl because she says she is. If so, this British daddy committed illegal child sexual abuse. Where are your Twitter messages decrying that crime?”

I then pointed to Wolscht’s fetish photos and asked them to explain to me how they represent legitimate “transwomen.”

Also, I wrote:

Now let me ask the biggest question of all. I get the impression you two think I am barely better than a fascist because I disagree with your downtown-progressive political positions on one or two issues. I can assure you it’s no more than that many. Yet here we have a mentally unbalanced, narcissistic, centre-of-attention-seeking paraphiliac cross-dresser criminal masquerading as all sorts of things, including a boy, a girl, a six-year-old, and a woman. When exposed, he called for an attack on actual women and issued a false threat.

As such, Wolscht diverges enormously from the saintly Transwomen Are Real Women archetype for which you and your political class agitate. Yet as far as you’re both concerned, Wolscht is simply a “woman” who was in some way “harassed” almost to suicide. What exactly would Wolscht have to do for you to cut ties with him and stop endorsing him?

No reply. You’d think a former and current hack would understand the pitfalls of ignoring questions.

(While I’m here, could somebody explain why so many batshit trannies end up with some affiliation with the 519? Have they no shame?)

Introducing a new unit of measure:
Stefonknee units

Just as we use Scoville units to measure the potency of chili peppers, let’s start using Stefonknee units to calibrate transgender nonsense. (You could use it to measure tranny insanity, too, but that would be off-label usage.) I suggest the SI symbol sox given Wolscht’s fondness for bobbysox.

  • Take Daryl Banks as the baseline: 10,000 Stefonknee units = 10,000 sox

  • Morgan Page, the local man who popularized the lesbian-rape scenario known as the cotton ceiling (“LOLz”): 17,500 sox

  • Dr. Ilona Alex Abramovich: 7,500 sox base, 2,500 sox bonus for false police report

What about transgender enablers, like the entire “LGBT” press and a few adjuncts already mentioned here?

  • Mr. Andrea Houston: 7,500 basis points + 5,000 exemplary damages for getting taken in by Wolscht = 12,500 sox

  • Jonathan Goldsbie: 7,500 basis points + 2,000 for running a horse (mare? stallion? gelding?) in a hunt not of his own = 9,500 sox

A few more factual statements

Paul Wolscht is not a woman, Stefanie, “Stefonknee,” a girl, six years old, a six-year-old girl, credible, healthy, or safe to be around in public.

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