– Mark E. Smith

Mr. SICHA (q.v.) profiles Mr. TOVEY (q.v.) for the Times.

  • When Mr. SICHA writes that Tovey has “gay indie cred from HBO’s terrific Looking,” he means the opposite of the penultimate word. (He insists otherwise and I don’t believe him. Times style still pretends titles of artworks go in quotes. Good thing I’m here to correct them.)

  • Seated next to Stephen Fry, Tovey bombed epically on Just a Minute. Tovey alongside Fry (on the same panel as Julian Clary) gave the starkest proof Tovey has no relation to gay culture. I guess this is the future.

  • Tovey collects art, for the not uncommon reason that it makes up for something. And as an investment. Just a Minute:

    FRY: Funny thing is, if anyone in this room knows about Damien Hirst’s technique, it’s Russell Tovey. He owns quite a few of them, don’t you? You’re a big collector.

    TOVEY: No, I don’t – Hirst. But I collect art. Yeah, I wish I did have a Damien Hirst…. No, I wish I’d got in on.

    “I wish I’d gotten in on that” as opposed to “I like it.” Where the hell is Jerry Saltz when we need him, I ask without a question mark.

  • Tovey’s French bulldog, like all those lamentable creatures, is an abomi·fucking·nation. Which is worse pandering: Instagram photos of that snoutless hound or Mr. TOVEY shirtless?

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