I’m accustomed to my esteemed colleague Jeff labelling himself a transgender ally (immediately repudiated by a tranny), but Bo Hedges takes the fucking cake.

I don’t train to be sexier; I train for greater functionality on the court and in everyday life. I’m also very aware that spinal-cord injury is one of the more heteronormative-looking disabilities you can have, especially since only the lower portions of my body are affected.

So let’s not talk about your cock, I guess, Bo. Or the naked picture you posed for in the article.

It’s very easy to make an athletic white male like me representative of disability and call it diversity.

He’s reaching for the word “supercrip” but is too young and brainwashed to know it.

Frankly, I’d prefer an outright homophobe, not that they exist any longer in sport at his age level.

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