Daddyhunt is a questionable homosexualist “dating” site and “app,” about which the best can be said is “It isn’t as ugly and unreadable as Recon.” I doubt it makes money. Even Grindère had to sell out – incredibly, to the Chinese. (That’s only one step down from ceding control of an application that geolocates gay males down to a few feet to, say, Saudi Arabia, or just Muslims.) I enjoy perusing dating sites, and in fact I wrote a consumer guide to BigMuscle(Bears), but all of them are awful.

Now those scamps at Daddyhunt, still unaware that everyone reads a C for the H in that name, have produced a “Web serial.” It’s not quite as bad as every other such thing (Where the Bears Are is the very lowest point in gay cinema), and in fact the first two minutes are a nice display of deadpan and underacting by Jim Newman. But the cute boy off the assembly line who plays opposite Jim? This B.J. Gruber is a breeder. “Daddycunt,” indeed.

But surely the following comment, by NewYorkRoger (for it is he), sums it up best? (Edited.)

Daddy and his ex were together for 20 years and they still own that apartment together. They saw all the world’s romantic cities while they were together and have indelible, best-ever memories of London, Rome, Johannesburg, Paris, Tokyo, etc. Cub-Boy hasn’t even left the U.S. yet, but now there are no places that the Boy dreams of seeing that won’t make Daddy sad. Vacations are limited also because Boy only gets two weeks a year while Daddy gets six.

Daddy and Boy have their first disagreement that gets blown out of proportion when Boy says that Lady Gaga is waaay better than Madonna. The fight spills out into their age-disparate friend groupings – until Boy’s parents weigh in on Madonna’s side. Which leads to fight number two, about why Boy hasn’t introduced Daddy to Mom and Dad who are the same age. This simmers for a while but both sides know it won’t happen and why.

Another subtext is that Boy and Daddy are both vers… but the ex is a total top with a huge dick and Daddy and ex broke up because the ex was cheating. But Daddy still wants that big dick, and Boy realizes his average dick will always have a lesser place. There is tension whenever the ex is over because everybody knows the story.

About three years into the relationship, Daddy has a medical emergency. And Boy realizes that the ex is still the first contact… in fact when he checks, the ex is heavily included in the will as well as has a vestigial power of attorney from the days before we had same-sex marriage rights, which leads to fight Nº 17. Daddy isn’t in the mood to explain why the ex still holds an important part of his life (not just dick size) and needs to be in the will that way.

And then about five years in, Boy realizes he’s tucking in Daddy around 9pm every night (including weekends) while Boy is starting to hit his party stride and late-night schedule, which Daddy did decades earlier. Daddy understands but is not interested to repeat [it]. The weekend schedules start to get out of sync, and more chores fall to Daddy while Boy gets new friends who show up late nights.

Then one of the ex’s parents dies – Daddy’s favourite one – and there are lots of family things going on that Boy is not invited to. Daddy and ex spent lots of quality time together looking at old photos of better times when they were together with their whole families and wonder what would have been possible if they could have married back then. Boy gets jealous and acts out by doing something Daddy won’t like… and another huge fight takes place which causes the ex to get involved.

Not exactly the demographic that follows sports, Daddyhunt does not quite understand it has scored an own goal here.

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