Gay males understand themselves for once when they get older. Mike Albo (q.v.):

  • It has taken me a long time to understand that we are souls in physical bodies having human experiences.

  • There is this nostalgia for the rage we see in something like How to Survive a Plague.

  • To tell the story of someone who understands they have been living under fear… [he] can’t understand where “fear” is in his body until he knows this…. I am trying to feel things in my body, which is hard to do. When someone says something like “Where do you feel that?” or “What does that feel like?” I have a really hard time answering…. The more you explore, the more you understand where things are in your body.

Elsewhere, Albo is far too kind to lamestream publishers, especially those run by gay men like Jonathan Galassi.

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