Years ago, I documented the unsolvable problem of the male nude. I also said: “Having neither focus nor line, bears photograph atrociously.”

True most of the time, including in nearly all of Fer77’s photographs of dark-haired Spanish bears, indistinguishable from all dark-haired Caucasian bears of all nationalities. But, almost by accident, Fer77 updates Pierre et Gilles and James Bidgood for the era, now a generation old, of digital photo manipulation. (Left [alternate]; right.)

Left: Seated nude man with ember-like droplets floating around him. Right: Nude man pours milk overhimself, which spatters and gasifies in fantastical ways

Just fantastical enough.

Incidentally, with the machinations necessary to legally download original photographs for criticism and commentary like this, plus the browser bug that makes such downloading impossible without extraordinary measures, plus spinning pizza of death over and over again (even in simple actions like overshooting items in a browser’s History menu), plus GraphicConverter’s slowness, plus incomprehensible titles like DSC_0963 B 2 that made one original photo unfindable once it disappeared minutes after it had spent days in a browser tab, plus uploading an edited image, producing this tiny posting took almost an hour. It will be read by almost no one and appreciated by fewer.

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