My week is looking up. And – I can say this as a Maritimer – now so is all y’all’s.

  1. ENERG

    1. Y
    2. IJA
    3. IE
    4. IA
  2. Graphic Designer:

    here’s a mini website and incredibly boring essay about our typeface no thx

  3. “This wall” (not White Pass’s) “is reading my mind.”

  4. (REPRISE w/ UPDATE)Hobo. (Hobeaux!) Hobo!

  5. Worst nonsense I’ve ever read about Univers, and almost as grave a desecration of Frutiger as posthumously diagnosing him as trans*. Or swapping out Univers for Helvetica and/or Arial, as the City of Toronto actually does on “Thursday’s.”
  6. You’ve heard of 88 (⑧⑧? ⓼⓼? ❽❽?) and 14. New! Neo-Nazi parentheses (“echo”).

  7. Are you as bored with reading about Avant Garde as I thought I was? (“Mother [HEROIC EMBRACING AMPERSAND] Child.”) Hi-res sidescrolling scans made it interesting again, and recalled Leonidas’ dictum that one must always inspect the original object (even if here one is not).

  8. Unsympathetic Michael Everson dukes it out over Georgian majuscules (mtravuli). Days later, they show up on Wheel of Fortune.

    (Somebody here write “mtravuli” in Georgian for me, please. I looked and I can’t find it.)

  9. Журнальная рубленая, the poor man’s Futura. I don’t see anybody trying to transgender this one.

  10. ОУР ЦЛУЕ ИС WРИТТЕН ИН ТХИС АЛПХАБЕТ.” Meanwhile, Jeopardy type actually looks better on Black Jeopardy.

  11. 😜: First emoji on a death notice? (Discussion.)

    (“Emoji are not worth the forced line[‑]height increase.”)

  12. [S]ome Tweets [sic] suggest that Tarek Atrissi Design agency [sic] is the designer of the new Arabic font being used on Apple.com[/ae‑ar/],” declares credulous Apple blog without bothering to use Web Inspector to identify the typeface used as Gulf (which in turn identifies as five genders weights).

  13. For the love of G‑d don’t ax Adam Curtis about fonts.

  14. Trump Mediæval(l)ed. Ax me sometime about how I schooled the highly receptive late artiste Félix González-Torres about the fake italic Trump on his stacks.

    Such “LTypI,” an acronym you couldn’t even typeset behind the Iron Drapery of Bringhurstian party ideology, is derided as unimaginative, including by one great mind. I shatter consensus. In point of fact Ell Type Eye never gets better than with Brothers.

    I used to have a lousy photo of George Howe Colt’s Brothers. I could easily borrow that (audio)book from the library and take another couple of lousy photos. But I would direct your attention to a phenomenon that 88ers would seek to eradicate from the earth: Gay rugby.

    Every team consists of gay males trying to be men and seemingly every team has an awesome name. (Spot the name in Occitan [mtravuli?].) One of the Top 3 feared gay ruggerses, Muddy York here in Toronto, just had personalized jerseys produced. Typeset, obviously, in Brothers.

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