Would someone care to explain to me how tall strapping jovial heterosexualist Karl Groves gets away with lecturing potential clients about Web accessibility, cursing almost like a sailor in the process?

Could it be some of those qualities I listed above? I find Karl’s implied licence, and my outright banishment, hypocritical to the point of fury. I am aware it’s not his fault. I understand, and have always understood, the market logic behind hiring that jovial and matey father of three and former rugger for Web-accessibility contracts, but I do not entirely understand how Karl gets away with it.

See you at Accessibility Camp ’016, where the same lifers with jobs will continue as such and the rest of us will just quietly remain where you put us. (Don’t bother writing in [or, as I was told, “Don’t contact me again. Thanks”], a decade after the damage was done, to tell me I got this all wrong.)

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