1. Extract from the five-hour-long Red Ice Radio ten-year-anniversary livestream (“If you don’t subscribe to this Whites-first YouTube channel, we’ll kill this dog”):

    Red Ice screenshot showing a cake decorated with “Red Ice Radio 10 years Faggots”
  2. Matthew Forney, speaking at Red Ice’s Identitarian Ideax IX conference (“Rising from the Ruins” [Kickstarter]):

    Bald man with wireless microphone (with Chyrons)

    that we were destined to fail, that the future of our civilization was rainbows, unicorns, and chocolate-chip cookies – fruits Frenching their boyfriends in front of empty churches; neon-lit mosques eclipsing the cities our forefathers laboured to build; and finally, being finessed out of our neighbourhoods by swarthy foreigners who stare at our sisters, wives, and girlfriends the way lions stare at gazelles.

  3. (UPDATE)Squatting Slav, responding to “Don’t shove your sexuality in my face and I won’t shove my fists in yours”: “We hold onto our traditional values, and, you know, um, yes, you know, it’s OK to be gay, this and that, but just don’t shove it down my throat, you know? Don’t come and tell my children that they need to be in this-and-this way, especially, you know, younger children who are impressionable. So I’m actually very happy that that regulation and those laws exist in Russia, because I think that, you know, children up until a certain age are the most vulnerable and who are the most susceptible to this kind of propaganda.”

  4. Lauren Southern: “You’re all still fags.”

I’d still prefer to be stabbed in the front.

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