DataLounge, the scabrous homosexualist discussion forum of two decades’ standing, is a hive of scum and villainy only some of the time. Here and there, pearls of wisdom emerge, like these arguments against transgenderists and their apologists.

  • The vast majority of the world’s population are TERFs. Ask a random person if:

    • men can have periods

    • men can get ovarian cancer

    • women can get prostate cancer

    • gay or lesbian sex can result in pregnancy

    • there’s no way for doctors to tell if a baby is male or female, so they’re just guessing when they “assign” them such based on their genitals

  • DataLounge elsewhere came up with a whole raft of crimes committed by transgender activists.

    • The erasure [“transing”] of gay children.

    • The erasure of butch lesbians.

    • The destruction of women-only spaces such as Michfest.

    • The shaming and mocking of women who are afraid of the very real problem of public sexual assault and harassment.

    • The skewing of statistics in the STEM fields.

    • The destruction of women’s athletics.

    • The skewing of crime statistics.

    • The silencing of women in regards to their natural biological functions because it “triggers” transwomen.

    • The erasure of women in female-related political issues (“pregnant people,” “people who get abortions,” “uterus bearers”)

    • The inevitable effect on women’s scholarships and women-only colleges.

    • The inevitable effect on affirmative-action protections for women in the workplace.

    • The erasure of organizations intended for fighting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

  • Speaking of the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, which cocks in frocks managed to finally kill off after decades of trying, do refer to DataLounge’s ongoing coverage.

Somebody had to put these together. As we say on DataLounge, “Oh, fank you!”

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