(CORRECTED) 2Bad2Late (perverse official orthography: 2BAD2LATE) is a tiny YouTube “channel” that mislabels itself as a “podcast.” In it, junior right-wing assholes here in Toronto – for diversity points, they all seem to be vizmins and/or first-generation Canadians – trade right-wing-asshole talking points. That’s the general format, though the interview segment with Proud Boys Toronto, in which guests described what happened to them at a protest I attended, was highly useful first-hand testimony (except it was on another “channel” – my mistake).

Also part of the general format is young right-wing assholes shitting on gay men and lesbians. While I still prefer to be stabbed in the front, I had the impression that the younger right-wing assholes, like younger card-carrying Conservatives, weren’t homophobic anymore. These guys are. (But I know another of 2Bad2Late’s guests and he’s fine.)

  • — And the thing is, I wish we could find clips of old Pride events. Like, you should – we should try and find clips where – see what the floats and see what everyone was doing in, like, I dunno, like ’90? How long has Pride even been going on?

    — I dunno.

    — So we’ll find clips of, like, one of the first couple runs of Pride and see what they’re like.

    My response was “You mean like James Leahy’s painstakingly assembled videos, some online for two years now?”

  • That same (“podcast”) episode featured extensive griping about old guys walking around naked in Gay Pride, and how their kids, which none of the participants actually have, shouldn’t be exposed to that sort of thing. Of course it’s pointless to explain the history of TNT Men, or the fact that you aren’t actually naked in Ontario if you’re wearing socks or shoes. All these explanations are pointless.

    (Prediction: These young men, if and when they go to the gym, never appear nude there under any circumstances. Supplementary prediction: These guys don’t actually go to Gay Pride and have never seen anyone “naked” there.)

  • It was just this week when a female-identified vizmin guest told us “And, interestingly enough, I heard that lesbian couples are more violent than gay couples.” SOUR RIGHT-WING VIZMIN HOST: “Yeeeah! I love that statistic so much!”

  • One thing they did get right: Typesetting an Š in a Lithuanian proper name. I didn’t know they had it in ’em.

Is there a punchline? Of course there’s a punchline. These free-speech warriors not only ignored every opportunity to learn something for once, they blocked on Facebook exactly one person exercising free speech. (Take a wild guess.) That’s the sort of thing I associate with downtown progressives, trannies, “LGBT+,” the 519, and the like.

Young guys are brash and headstrong. I was one once, and these boys will grow out of it. (The host won’t outgrow being sour, and may stay a homophobe forever. God help any faggy gay son he may have.) But when that point of maturity finally arrives, they’ll look back and make the most important realization there is: I was right all along.

2Gay2Homo has about 4,300 total video views, 0.1% of which are mine. The power-law or Zipf or Pareto effects are all at work here, and these guys are going nowhere.

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