Transgender activists, stopping at nothing, show up, uninvited as ever and certainly not blending in with the crowd, to gripe about “cis” actors in “trans” roles.

There is no such thing as “cis,” except inasmuch as it constitutes hate speech, and transgender activists are, to a man, inveterate liars. (And a menace.) But, having failed to read Disability Drama in Television and Film, or anything that isn’t on Twitter or Tumblr, transgender activists don’t know how to make an argument for their case.

Even on a good day they would have no case, but if we vouchsafe that only demographic X may portray X onstage or in cinema, well, how would that apply in McDonaldland?

  • In a triumph of gender-blind casting, a McCheese is finally embodied by an actor (never “actress”) who identifies as McCheese. Soon they get their own Mayor – a brave, stunning transcheese of colour who never had anything but a girl penis and don’t ask about that because that’s McPhobic.

  • Do not call trans fat!

  • The Hamburglar visits Rainbow Health Ontario (A PATTY-INCLUSIVE ENVIRONMENT) once a month for OHIP-sponsored injections of prescription Shamrock Shake, which propel zir on zis brave journey toward finally becoming a passable Filet-O-Fish.

  • Kool‑Aid Man breaks through wall The Happy Meal Crew are – check it! – a merry LGBT+ street gang. They rule! the Lower East Side of McDonaldLand, and “will cut a bitch,” according to McNugget, the gang’s leader, a role that cycles every trimester by democratic vote and—

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