Chuck Palahniuk (apparently pronounced “palawnik,” which I could render in IPA), “Why Isn’t He Budging?” (in Stranger Than Fiction), which consists of nothing but quotes from Andrew Sullivan:

In many ways I do feel like this book [Love Undetected] is a real attempt to draw a line under a certain part of my life and try and move on. And I didn’t feel I could do that without writing it, so it had sort of a purgative effect. It probably comes across like that, too. It came up like puke. Even the abstract stuff came out like puke. It got to the point where I realized I wasn’t going to finish it because I had nothing to say about friendship, for example, then I just [makes puking noise], [and] in two weeks wrote that last thing. Just three to four hours per day just speed-writing.

Three semicolons in every sentence, id left not just unchecked but unnoticed (and unedited). No fag has ever been more indulged.

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