Previously, living legend of homosexualist sport(s) Gene Dermody explained how U.S. Title IX might paradoxically end up helping out big strong bullies (the classic big man on campus of yore). Title IX has certainly had its share of paradoxical outcomes.

He currently writes (on the Facebook, mildly edited):

What I have been preaching for years about most academic/recreational sports: Too much emphasis and focus on the already-gifted athletes (BMOCs) and pressures for lucrative scholarships to high school, college, and the pros. The schools, coaches, administrators, and especially parents are to blame for this ridiculous focussed abuse of their kids to fulfill their dreams and egos.

The average and less gifted are left behind, and they are the ones who need more diverse athletic programs the most. There has always been this divide fuelled by where you lived and where you went to school. Couple that with the morphological requirements/restrictions of the ubiquitous football, basketball, and baseball, and it’s just embarrassing. We need to decouple the kids from these early “training camps” and stop feeding the “pro” beast.

Of course safety should be the primary concern, but we must offer a more diverse athletic program and stop over-servicing football, basketball, and baseball, with their BMOCs with size and great hand-eye coördination. This is prejudicial and discriminatory to the vast majority of kids. Athletics is a very important aspect of education, and it needs to be dispensed fairly.

I will remind newcomers that Dermody is don–cum–den mother of the Golden Gate Wrestling Club, home to misfits among misfits for 20-odd years.

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