My esteemed colleagues at the Amerikanski Dialect Society voted fake news as Word of the Year for 2017. With the available slate, that was the right choice.

Present in the Political Word of the Year category was antifa (q.v.). Missing was fash, a productive and useful word (fashy haircut, bash the fash, go full fash). Nor was fash nominated from the floor, as happened a couple of years ago with White Students(’) Union. From memory, that got one vote.

In fact, right-wing-asshole neologisms barely ever make it to the ADS floor. I would expect the same fate to befall soyboy, incel, obsolete farm equipment, bugman, identitarian, and the older JQ. As linguists, we’re not supposed to play favourites.

(Once in a blue moon I wish my tiny Canadian Word of the Year project hadn’t been doomed from the start. For 2017, socks would have won.)

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