Being anonymous and populated mostly by eldergays, more postings at DataLounge are actually honest than one might expect.

  • Genocide”:

    A veteran gay ACT UP activist told me today that the trans cult is the Establishment’s second attempt at genocide against gays. The first attempt was AIDS, but that didn’t succeed because the gay community rallied itself and responded to the crisis with ACT UP and saved ourselves. Now the trans cult is the second attempt to wipe out gay children[,] and we need another ACT UP movement to say NO! before it’s too late.

  • Tranny is a Y short of tyranny

  • “Race realist”/ostensible hetero (thus two counts of “What the hell is he doing here?”):

    I came for the Hollywood gossip and velvet-mafia conspiracy stuff, and stayed for the joy of trolling totalitarian cultural Marxists.

    I’d rather get my Hollywood gossip and “feminine view” of the world here than on some chick Web site, probably because I have women issues. But I also understand that gays have exceptional influence on the world, through their disproportionately important careers and their chatty social lives.

    I’m a former Bernie Bro type, but all the Obama riots and anti-white racism woke me the fuck up to race realism.

    Let’s make March “White History Month” and compare it to February’s “education” about American history.

    Whites are the most gay-friendly ethnic group in the U.S. and the world, and I’ve seen people here admit and lament that gays were better off when everybody stayed in the closet, because at least then gays had families and children, and didn’t die alone and without a sense of purpose. And gays could still get dick on the side while married.

    So as the Western world claps back against anti-white racism and jealousy, there’s probably a nice seat at the table for civilized gays who can think beyond their own lifetimes and consider what is good for America and its white majority.

    So in promoting common sense, science, race realism, culture, and tradition, there’s also the major side benefit of trolling the cultural Marxists who just want to see the white world burn and then bow down to Allah later.

    We all know these toxic, self-destructive narcissist gays will die of AIDS long before future American gays are being tossed from buildings.

    Defying the odds, he consistently wrote white without a majuscule.

  • FTMs refusing to “date” each other (cf. MTFs and Gaysians likewise refusing):

    FTMs don’t want other FTMs because they don’t see them as real men and are therefore not attracted to them. However, we are required to do what they are unwilling to do and pretend that an FTM is equivalent to a biological man and fuck them. We are required to pretend that a FTM is not just a diesel dyke on steroids but an actual man.

    We have to suppress our own desires and sexual attractions just to make them feel better. FTMs won’t date each other because they don’t see each other as real men. But we biological men aren’t allowed to see them the way they see each other – a cosmetically altered woman on steroids. That’s the world we live in now.


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