Ukraine, the White country with “nobody to discriminate against.” (Reordered for cohesion, with about 80% of the article elided.)

I live in Kyiv (Kiev [actually Kyyv]), Ukraine. It has a homogeneous population[, but o]nly Gypsies are thought of as crime-prone. With the exception of Jews and Gypsies, most of the elements in this mix think of themselves as pretty much equal. Jews are vastly overrepresented in business and government.

Even the Gypsies aren’t that bad. Their crimes are not violent, and they don’t commit any at all in neighbo[u]rhoods like the one I live in – a quarter-mile from where they live in condemned, unheated houses along the right-of-way of a future metro. I have to respect the Ukrainians’ apprehension of Gypsies – they know them better than I do – but I have never seen anything untoward.

Homosexuals are tolerated the way they were in the U.S. when I was young. They don’t make an issue of it, and people don’t bother them.

With nobody to discriminate against [except Gypsies, Jews, and homosexuals], Ukraine does not have antidiscrimination laws.

Ukraine, like the so-called Viségrad or V4 countries, is satisfied to trade overt anti-semitism and homophobia for almost-completely-Muslim-free societies not subject to Third World invasion. As ever, they are the last to learn their options are not Manichean.

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