Ian Capstick is an adorable scamp with a hot husband almost a foot taller than he and a cute miniature dachshund several feet shorter. [Two of those get annoyed (more like furious) whenever I describe one of those as I just have.]

This former NDP stalwart had some kind of communications consultancy that seemed to me to be quite unique. Capstick was a regular on the institutionalized natural governing political panel show, Power & Politics, that airs on one of the national governing broadcaster’s networks. I distinctly recall reading real-time captioning of his insisting Canada should have no form of space program whatsoever until “Indigenous” communities all have fresh water.

In other words, Canada should not act like it operates even in the 20th century until it gets its Indians out of its, or their, Iron Age. That (zero‑)sums up left-wing politics in a nutshell, and nuts is what it is. (We can have a space program and clean water. Then we can put a fully hydrated aboriginal into space, if he or she is otherwise qualified. Why the hell not?)

  • Capstick wrote a Facebook posting (where he’s still straplined as a “News Personality”; text archive) and, later, a piece for national governing newsweekly Maclean’s. Apart from constantly using the word “entitled,” which use he refused to clarify for me, he wrote:

    I reviewed clips from various years, and watched myself over the last year experience small lapses in attention on air; forgetting familiar political words and remote locations was especially distracting.

    For the first time, I recognized some of my signature knee-jerk confrontational behaviour on‑ and off-air was because of what therapists call rejection-sensitive dysphoria (RSD), or an acute sensitivity to criticism that is found in many adults with attention-deficit disorder. I had let my routines slip, my self-care slide[,] and the constant barrage of negativity overwhelm me.

    As I reflected on these moments with family and friends, I realized how similar my entitlement and anger was to the actions of many of the politicians and staff who had berated me – online and off – for whatever they saw fit.

    I noticed, ultimately, that I was failing to comment with empathy. I decided to leave the show on March 20.

    (Whatever the hell “comment with empathy” means on a panel show or in politics.)

  • I told Capstick his situation was reminiscent of that of Fredrik de Boer, the ultra-left-wing young American writer with, it turned out, serious mental-health issues he could only address by divorcing himself from news-cycle-based writing (his term). de Boer looked unwell in videos announcing his de facto retirement. (Of interest is the fact he never used the word “hypergraphia,” from which he clearly suffers; he ought to read The Midnight Disease.)

  • de Boer was extended all sorts of understanding and leeway for two reasons: He’s extreme-left-wing and very handsome, with stunning blue eyes. Capstick will be given proportionate (I don’t mean height-proportionate) understanding and leeway for comparable reasons.

    Conservatives and uggos who dare to admit to any form of illness are treated as prey by the Left, who, in my direct lived experience and after years of observation, are the bloodthirstiest, most inhumane, most malign and untrustworthy cohort in any liberal democracy not itself under the thumb of the actual fascism they wish to impose. Leftists really do want you dead – even while dressing that up with environmentalism, with feminism, with “LGBT+,” and, here and there, with veganism.

Let me twist the knife in the side of national governing media critic Jesse Brown, whose business has a run rate of over $366,000 a year, according to published figures and reasonable inferences, but who never bothered to respond to my repeated suggestion that he provide even moral support to Hack Mental Help Week, under whose ægis Ian Capstick could find himself. On this topic, Jesse Brown is national governing hypocrite.

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