(UPDATED AGAIN) Diversity propaganda holds that male/female couples in television commercials should be non-White or mixed-racialist. (If a “spot” shows several or many couples, you can mix and match. A current Canadian Homo Depot commercial, for example, features unmistakable Mohammedans, among many others, and finishes with a barely implied pair of homosexualist males. They couldn’t do more than barely imply it without angering the Mohammedans.)

Last month’s Ford Excape commercial (inexplicably still running – these “offers” tend to be time-limited) does the obvious thing and makes the male White and the female Orientalist. But this time he’s a brown-eyed ginger – sadly losing his hair and with too much gel. (She’s seemingly Thai.)

  • Bearded ginger with Orientalist girlfriend. (Sigh) I do not want to go back and check
  • [I]f you had that Ford Escape, you wouldn’t have to
  • Ginger: Whaaat?

Gingers have a hard enough time reproducing as it is. Orientalist girls have no trouble snagging White boyfriend units and do not need ad campaigns to help them out.


  • (2018.07.14) Snag one commercial spot and you start snagging more spots. Here, in an Ikea advertisement I urge you to watch on mute even without captioning, our brown-eyed ginger actually snags a White wife. (Is she ever!)

    Brown-eyed ginger and blonde wife in perfect white kitchen
  • (2018.07.18) Our brown-eyed curly-haired ginger has achieved the unlikely outcome of starring in two commercials on the air simultaneously – this one for reverse mortgages.

    Surprised-looking ginger with homely red-haired wife unit

    Kind of dining lower on the White-wife food chain in this one, admittedly. Even if she’s also a ginger, increasing the heritability odds.

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