(UPDATED) Aaand I see the right-wing assholes are still the only ones who can make a joke, or take one.

  • A generally nasty podcast whose title alone puts the shiv into any number of President’s Choice Memories of Yucatán diversity piñatas, This Hour Has 88 Minutes, features “The Rice Report,” produced by what is obviously a Chinese-Canadian himself. (Am I to believe his Twitter account was suspended?) Only one “Rice Report” segment out of five was actually funny, and the podcast hosts now record their sniggering on top of new segments as if in a MST3K reboot renumbered as MST88K.

    But! Episode 84 (or YouTube at ≈44:00) is a scream, and as offensive as Monty Python (not – just funny).

    And last year, of course, we did our extremely popular reënactment of ‘Nazi War Atrocities’
  • Why are Islamic countries homophobic? Many such cases.

    So before you decide to drown a perfectly good bowl of vanilla ice cream in hot fudge, you might want to spare a thought for those rainbow sprinkles.

  • An enjoyably snide critic of right-wing assholes (of “Der Movement”) is himself a right-wing asshole. Nasty, obviously, but fun to read. “That pug looks brachycephalic and thus not a true Nordic. To the ovens with you!”

  • Canadian English progressive neologism: racialized. (Indeed pace Monty Python: “Are you racialised? Have you been racialised recently?”)

    American English right-wing-asshole neologism: raced. (Many such cases.)

I uphold a Žižekian/sociolinguistic imperative that we need to bust each other’s balls as often and as scabrously as possible. Charlie don’t surf and antifa don’t joke.

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