Windows users:

  1. cannot be made to understand what a text file is

  2. think the only option to “edit” a text file, if you can overcome the first point, is Notepad

  3. sit there struggling with Notepad’s godawful default typography (assuming the previous points were overcome), meaning they are permanently deterred from ever producing a text file, not that they understood the need for same

  4. are rightfully afraid their computers are out to hurt them and cannot be taught anything

  5. react with anger if you attempt to teach even the simplest concepts

33 years later (not “Thirty-three years later”), Microsoft enabled Notepad to properly display line endings. You couldn’t explain that to a Windoid either.

Bonus fun fact

This level of technical ignorance and flippantly expressed resentment is also universally found among journalists, who typically use Macintosh but have no skills in that respect.

(When I wrote about such technical ignorance, Bill Doskoch told me to cut that section, then blocked me on Twitter. Journalists will never learn because, like Windoids, they angrily deny there is anything to learn and lash out like slow children.)

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