A posting on DataLounge (q.v.), which I will not link you to out of propriety, offers a window onto how eldergays might view the insane petri-dish-like unbridled sexualism of Kids Today and their anti-HIV medicaments and the like.

  • The realization here, still somewhat disturbing, is as I wrote previously:

    Well, here’s a truth that rocks the world of every negatoid eldergay who lived through AIDS unscathed. Modern medicaments have proven what we didn’t want to tell ourselves all along, namely that raw rods in raw bungholes is real gay sex and what we were stuck doing for 25-odd years definitely isn’t. To accept this also requires acceptance of the chaotic and uncontrollable nature of male sexuality, and for that task a gay intellectual with a big dick is hung like a hamster.

  • Mildly edited citation from DataLounge:

    I’m going to get psychological for a moment.

    DataLounge is fascinated by this because, according to various polls, the largest demographic on DataLounge is Gen Xers. When most Gen Xers were the age of the Wrigleyville Cumdump, we couldn’t be cumdumps. You weren’t allowed to give in to that kind of reckless abandon no matter how much you might have wanted to. A bunch of us eventually became cumdumps when HIV awareness and prevention increased and it all wasn’t so scary anymore and we knew ways to avoid getting sick. But a 40-year-old cumdump doesn’t have the appeal of a twentysomething cumdump.

    So I for one applaud Wrigleyville and his youth and his hole and that total look of contentment and fulfillment while he’s getting railed by some guy who only sees him as a willing hole. I just wish I could have been Wrigleyville when I was 20. I made up for it, but we all know that being a slut is much more fun when you’re young and fresh and just starting out.

  • Not mentioned here is a decade of more of positoids doing whatever they wanted with each other with next to no repercussions.

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