Gays Going Their Own Way or GGTOW (“gigtau”) is a new, and rather small, movement that puts gay males first, feminism last. Its chief proponent is Prince of Queens (q.v.); discussion about it seems to exists on YouTube and almost nowhere else. A lot of that discussion seems to be a reiteration of GGTOW’s rules.

The three rules of GGTOW

  1. It is composed of gay men exclusively.

  2. It aims to do things that exclusively benefit gay men.

  3. Anyone who seeks to change either or both of the previous rules is diametrically opposed to GGTOW (and will be ejected from any such group).

A good start, but there’s no there there as yet. Further, the GGTOW Tumblère is the work of an enemy provocateur.

Pace Isaac Asimov, we could say that certain homosexualists or environments are “three-laws-safe.”

(Update [2018.07.29]: On Gaytriarchy Nº 21, Prince of Queens stated: “GGTOW is not a way of life. It is a reminder of who will stick up for you.”)

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