• Desecrating the saintly rainbow flag:

    My prediction for next year’s outraged and modified flag will include:

    for women with prostate cancer
    for LGB murderers
    to memorialize all the brave QTpinkXYZ who died for their flag colour
  • In response to Larry Kramer’s jeremiad:

    I’m working-class and I’m pretty goddamn complacent. I’ve earned it. (I’m also in my 30s and have been happily partnered for years, so maybe that accounts for some of my contentment.) So are most of my gay friends in real life (the good ones, not the losers who never grew up). Thankfully, none of them have been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (transmitted through sharing dirty social media and [through] unprotected mass-media consumption).

    Over time, I’ve come to realize how perpetually unhappy some people choose to be and, worse, how many of them channel their misery into outdated struggles. It’s almost like some people use the all-encompassing and nebulous threat of homophobia to cloak their own personal failings so they can shirk responsibility for bad decisions, bad habits, etc. Maybe the cashier at [the drugstore] isn’t homophobic, Harry – maybe you were an asshole? […]

    Cf.Glen’s Homophobia Newsletter.”

    Maybe it alleviates their depression if they can pretend they are oppressed and fighting for justice, but really it’s mere role-playing. Indulging these fantasies is about as helpful as pretending men can get pregnant and dicks can be female….

    Also, it’s funny how most of you would normally clutch pearls at anything with a whiff of America First, yet this is exactly what you’re doing with gay rights. Most of our time and money and attention could be best spent not on LGBTQUIAA​DONKEYLIPS bullshit at home, but gay rights abroad in the various shitholes that still murder men and women for same-sex attraction. That would be effective altruism. But no, America in 2018 is some hellhole to a bunch of loud, privileged dopes who don’t know how to live happily ever after….

    Instead of worrying about helping a five-year-old future gay guy block puberty, instead of making sure unattractive narcissists attention-whore themselves without being rightly made fun of, instead of entertaining the delusions of closet cases and straight people with a fetish, we could be actually helping our cause where it’s needed the most.

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