1. Gods and Monsters (q.v.), dropping by a Hollywood party:

    Brendan Fraser and Ian McKellen look into the distance

    — Who’s that?

    — [Delighted] David! A friend I thought was in New York.

    — No, I m— the girl.

    Elizabeth Taylor smiles with two friends

    — Oh, that’s Elizabeth Taylor.

  2. Here we have Mr. KIT DALE, a fighter of some kind from Australia, who has Australian bonhomie and a near-ideal body shape, at his brother’s wedding. Mr. DALE is the one bursting out of his shirt (which should be a size larger).

    Smiling dark-haired lads in bow ties

    Now here is Mr. DALE with what I assume is his date.

    Kit Dale with young woman in black cocktail dress and shearling coat

    At first glance, I had no idea she was even in the photo. Even now I don’t notice her at first. Consistent with sculpture, painting, and photography dating back millennia, this young woman presents beautifully. She’s taller than her date (is it the heels?) and is dressed to get noticed. Notice her I did not.

Kinsey’s scale ran from 0 to 6. I’m a 7.

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