I wondered if it were possible to wear a full week’s worth of clothing all of which was made in the U.S. and Canada. (Then vary that for warm‑ and cold-weather conditions.) While Uncle Otis in Yorkville has a good selection, expertly explained to me one Saturday by a brown-haired ginger, I had nothing else in mind except L.L. Bean duckboots, which work year-round and of which you must select the made-in-Maine version. Some outlandishly priced outerwear is still made here.

I discovered that Nick Uhlig maintains a list of Canadian-made apparel, much of it for vertical markets like oil rigs. Uhlig’s list is illegible and unreadable and is pointlessly published as a couple of PDFs; of all things the Reddit version is easier to deal with.

So that addresses less than half of my question.

Uncle Otis shitcans self

Uncle Otis closed.

Empty Uncle Otis store

Except no, it didn’t: It moved to Spadina. But you’d have no way of knowing that by standing in front of the actual store.

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None. I quit.

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