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Russian-American anarchist Michael Malice offers a rough-around-the-edges/rat-bastard/imperious–resentful–blustery persona. Honed to a brilliant shine, that troll persona is what Japanese car designers called “surface entertainment.” I’m a fan.

The Malice value proposition

  1. lightning speed

  2. thoroughgoing rejection of any notion of “equality” – so many around Malice, and nearly all teeming the earth, are “cretins,” especially cashiers, who are overdue for replacement by touchscreens

  3. erudition in American political history that I would deem unique if Malice hadn’t hosted so many of his historian heroes, of whom he was clearly in awe, on his chat shows (cf. booklist)

  4. love of fine clothes, with a defined æsthetic of glittering blazers and high-collared shirts always accented by a lapel pin (for neckties are as nooses)

  5. love of perfume

  6. love for his fans, who definitionally are not “cretins”

He’s a serial talk-show host

  • He’s got two running right now.

    Version 1.0 of “YOUR WELCOME” worked exclusively with in-studio guests and worked well with that way of working. But if I wanted Skype interviews, I’d watch any number of YouTube amateurs, or CBC afternoon political talk shows. That’s what Malice gives us with V2.0 of “YOUR WELCOME” and with Night Shade, a news-recap show with little to recommend it even though I listen to four out of five episodes. (Via RSS, which the show’s “network” can barely keep running. That network can barely keep one of its founders out of the hoosegow, either.)

    Malice’s tic of blowing a sigh through flapping jowls got old the second time he used it.

  • I’m the one who dared to tell him what a piece of shit Version 2.0 of “YOUR WELCOME” is. (“Unsolicited advice is never friendly.”)

I’ve read Ego & Hubris twice

I wish I had been as self-assured a grade-schooler as he was – sitting in a chair while the rest of the (“cretin”) children obediently plunked down onto the floor.

Umpteen references and full interviews on his shows buttress the message in Pekar’s biography that schools are prisons. Every time I think that, I hear Lisa saying “I like school.” I liked school, too. I aced everything except phys ed and shop (obviously) and I almost went for a third university degree. I wouldn’t do any of it over again – but, unlike Malice, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything else.

I listen to his public livestreams

  • He’s warm and welcoming to his friends, admirers, and donors. He insists such donations are not expected but are appreciated. He’s got a whole schtick about how even a donation of a buck is meaningful (agreeing with Owen Benjamin on that score).

  • He’s a troll who’s unconcerned with feelings, except for his feelings toward his fans, and except when receiving unsolicited advice.

  • He’s more fallible and human than he lets on. He’s as much of both as “cretins” are. He gets anxious (stated on a livestream) when on a “cut.” (Taleb-compliant Malice deadlifts.)

Malice decided to be an author and willed it into being

  • Read between the lines and not only have his proposals sometimes been rejected, not only has he written one or more proposals for other authors that were rejected, what bothers him most about the process is the wall of silence a proposal might receive.

  • He felt the same about the radio silence from the editors of his next book, The New Right, which will use the heavily original typography of Minion, which his conglomerate publisher got for free with InDesign.

    I hear nothing but unique authorial voice in his selection of chapter titles and epigraphs, as read on YouTube. (“When we win, do not forget that these people want you broke [and] dead, [and want] your kids raped and brainwashed – and they think it’s funny.”)

  • I believe him when he says he read 60 books before writing Dear Reader. I believe further that he bought every book he could in the North Korean bookstore. I’ve seen him insist that the absolute priority must be freeing the North Korean people.

Anonymoose manqué

Malice loves Canada, and considers Toronto his almost-favourite city. He likes Toronto so much that he pronounces that word like an American – with all six Ts – only some of the time. If he comes up here, we need to get him on camera with Ed the Sock, his non-union Canadian equivalent. (Who’ll be taller?)

Here’s whom, or what, Michael Malice most resembles: Anonymoose, from Paul Chadwick’s Concrete series (cf. pp. 142–145 of Vol. 1: Depths).

Comedian in suit and full moose head: Thank you, you’ve been a lovely audience. Wipe your drool!
“[Concrete] has a lucid fantasy.... Anonymoose is revealed to be hideously burned. It explains the savagery of his humour. He is a tormented man”

Malice got burned, yes, but only metaphorically. Now he’s the one dishing out sick burns. The Michael Malice mask hides not his pain but his kindness and, if he’ll excuse the vulgarism, his humanity. I’m a fan.

† Malice’s epitaph: His surefire test to determine if one is right-wing. “Are some people better than other people?” If the instant answer is yes, you’re right-wing. Pregnant pause and lengthy academic prevarications, or any other response? You aren’t.

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