But “consensus gay culture,” an overlapping litany of overreach, is not what non-White genderqueers tell you it is.

  • Rainbow flags. A design abomination (redesign) that has been retconned into proof of white supremacy. You’re a fascist if you don’t fly anything but the rainbow flag with black and brown stripes added (such hues not appearing in rainbows) and also the transgender flag, whatever that is. (Leather and bear flags don’t count; leather and bears are fascist [White].)

    But this imperialist symbol makes even less sense in monoracial countries like Taiwan. Where’s the “rainbow” there?

  • Drag queens everywhere.

  • Well-thought-out civil-union provisions replaced by “gay marriage.” In cold hard light of day, government-solemnized marriage should be restricted to male/female couples (no transgenders of any kind) because its purpose is support for procreation.

    • Self-evidently there is no obligation to procreate, and post-menopausal women may marry. (MTFs are not women.)

    • Same-sex and transgenderist couples can avail themselves of civil unions that differ from civil marriage only in name.

    • Religious institutions can continue to marry whomever they wish – gay Christian churches marrying same-sex couples under the reading of the banns, for example. This further means any kind of conservative, anti-gay, Orthodox, or otherwise restrictive congregation (and Muslims) can refuse to marry any pairing that isn’t opposite-sex.

    I just now have described France (under its PACS system) and Canada before the imposition of gay marriage. All the “queer” critics of “gay marriage” were right for the wrong reasons.

    But now every civilized country, and many Second World nations (Uruguay), have to institute full-on “gay marriage.” No, in fact they do not.

  • Agitating for full legislative equality, and, when that is reached, continuing to agitate instead of closing up shop. Sign on for gays, then they’ll push trans* down your throat – and now pedophiles.

  • An insistence that queer and trans black and indigenous people of colour (QTBIPOC, pronounced “cutiebyepock”) are and always were the progenitors of everything LGBTQ+. Though they invented everything (for which we owe them everything), QTBIPOC remain oddly “marginalized” to this very day, no doubt because White gay men “erased” them from history.

  • Trans* everything everywhere, particularly in women’s sex-segregated environments. Bullying butch lesbians into thinking they’re male, then bullying them into lobbing off their tits and going on testosterone till they die, a bald-pated, fur-backed husk, of cancer.

  • “Trans children”; Drag Queen Story Time. (Again: Pedophiles.)

  • Masculinity as toxic, except for butch dykes transitioning to “men.”

  • No male-only events. Autistic heteros at gay leather bars (not supposition). No female-only anything under any circumstances.

  • A habit of locating the farthest-left political party, whatever that may be in any given area, and agitating only for them – to the point where endorsement of other parties is equated with fascism (Whiteness).

  • A small catalogue of identical looks. Æsthetics that steamroller over even unique or distinctive cultures.

    • Fundamentally, within subphyla, you can’t tell gays (“in love”) apart from one another.

    • Shirtless musclegay (with some tattoos) taking mirror selfie in gym This guy is a Basque, with a name to match (Ãingeru Vilabrillë [no relation]). So is this other guy.

      Now tell me they have any distinguishing features whatsoever despite deriving from a distinct ethny and speaking a language unrelated to any other.

  • Voices you can tell are gay with your back turned in a lineup at Starbucks (and irrespective of language). In this respect some things never change.

Consensus gay culture involves armies of aggressive, violent, habitually lying non-Whites habitually lying about Whites, who built the gay and lesbian community and foolishly didn’t just stop there. What we have now is already the worst instantiation of consensus gay culture that ever existed and it’s gonna get unimaginably worse. It’s the third gay holocaustisn’t it?

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