The so-called Fathers project started out as a conceptually original video travelogue of an imagined future in which AIDS never existed. Creator Leo “Mexican Artist” Herrera revealed himself to be an intentionally marginal queer sellout from a kit with his endless complaints about “transphobia” and “white supremacy,” neither of which are real or which limit him at all in the freest country on earth.

  • Vito Russo is president in a United States that tolerates so-called Stonewall colonies. This faux-VHS non sequitur sticks out from the last video depicting Herrera’s utopian future:

    Chyron: Alt-right riot at gay club


  • Due to censorship that does not affect his class of “queer,” Herrera notes that, “over the course of the series, viewership of Fathers has plummeted” – to levels its creator deserved all along.

  • Anti-gay, anti-male, anti-White, anti-gay-White-male cultural products “are the signposts that tell us we’re headed in the right direction as an LGBTQ people. They must be protected at all costs,” he writes, making as much sense as “Brave transwymmynz of colour threw the first brick at Stonewall.”

  • “What will happen to my films if the clouds come down [sic] or my social-media accounts are deleted for linking to a porn site?” Herrera asks. What happens to gay White men and lesbians who call “queers” like him inveterate liars?

If a “queer” person tells you it’s raining, stick your hand out the window just to make sure. Keep in mind too that – all things considered – he’d like to see you dead.

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