When nongay authoress Naomi Wolf gets a fact about homosexuality substantively wrong, her book gets cancelled in the U.S.

When gay author Douglas Murray horrendously fucks up the facts about gay money in his book The Madness of Crowds, and when he and his publisher and agent ignore a stream of messages warning them of the error, the effect will be as follows – the book will go into second printings and a softcover edition, and Murray will continue to reiterate falsehoods on podcast interviews, which I’ve already heard him do twice.

What’s he wrong about? Let’s check his p. 242.

What if people aren’t oppressed?

Perhaps instead of seeking out oppression and seeing oppression everywhere, we could start to exit the maze by noting the various “victim groups” that aren’t oppressed or are even advantaged. For instance, studies have shown that gay men and lesbian women consistently earn more on average than their heterosexual counterparts. There are a variety of possible reasons, not least the fact that most of them won’t have children and can put in the extra hours at the office[,] which benefits both them and their employer. Is this a gay advantage?

Every part of that is simply wrong, except the lesbian angle, which isn’t really what he’s talking about. Even the single research paper he cites (evidently without reading it) disproved his own claim.

But no, of course Douglas Murray is not gonna get wolfed over an error of this magnitude. I’ve learned over the years that absolutely everybody is willing to lie about how much money gay males make (less than straight guys across the board). Murray is merely the latest such liar.

He’s got a bright future ahead of him.

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