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The so-called Emerging Designer Competition will allow the Royal Bank to do whatever it wants with entrants’ work


Life-sapping pictures of antisocial nothing are a genre that needs to be put to rest


Original and revised posters for Drive


Stieg Larsson’s strict moral code rings true to me despite surface dissimilarities


The late Andrew Wilfahrt’s father read my previous post and provided a statement about Andrew and his need for male camaraderie, among other issues


Decadent gay bloggers cannot be bothered championing the case of Bradley Manning. Meanwhile, what the late Andrew Wilfahrt stood for simply unnerves them


The formative multisensory design experience, here involving Bryan Ferry


An AIDS Committee of Toronto campaign erases old gay men, despite putting four of them in an ad


Never Let Me Go presents a dystopia bereft of male characteristics. I suspect this is our actual future

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