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Mesh Conference, Toronto (first one was May 15–16, 2006)


Richard Edelman responds to my litany of complaints about his petit fonctionnaire Robert Manne and Mesh Conference


Just how much worse could Robert Manne of Edelman PR have screwed up his handling of the Mesh Conference?


The NUblog is back online


Suddenly Mesh Conference’s press allocation is full. Which PR firm told me that, and what did they do to me five years ago?


If Wikipedia can host a Criticism of Wikipedia page, surely the wiki for the alleged “Web 2.0” conference known as Mesh (q.v.) can host the same thing. Let’s see how long the conference dedicated to “conversation” keeps that one up.


I call bullshit on Mesh Conference (“Canada’s web 2.0 conference” [sic])


Is the Mesh Conference a form of history repeating itself?

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None. I quit.

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