Well, Richard Edelman of the eponymous PR juggernaut eventually responded to my complaint. I have been sitting on it while I calm down and reflect. He writes:

Joe, checked into the issue you had with person from my Toronto office. We did pro-bono assignment for a recent blog trade show. We wanted to make some positive hay about our new blogging initiative. They gave us a speaking slot for Steve Rubel. The organizers only allowed us 10 press slots. We might have erred in agreeing to that small number of places. Your request came in after the slots were filled – we pressed for more slots and they refused.

I feel badly that you have had another lousy experience with our firm. Unlike the Apple case with Pforzheimer and gang where it was an act of commission, this was bad circumstances. I apologize on behalf of the firm.

Mesh Conference: Where it’s all about the conversation – with 10 people max.

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None. I quit.

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