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Photos in the genre of Grant Hutchinson’s Splorp.com

Walls and volumes of a house under construction are all covered in yellow DensGlass Sheeting

(Q.v.; q.q.v.)


The quintessential bus.

Five-across seating at rear window of bus 2408

But also an embarrassing anachronism. Soon, all but two ceremonial Fishbowls will – justly – be decommissioned.

Red-bearded hockey players’ chins behind plywood hoarding
Plain van outside propane-refuelling station has shields painted on its sides, but nothing inside those shields
Filth-encrusted wall and hooded lamp
Varnished wooden stairs inside solid, curved, bright-blue walls
Viewed at an angle, a purple radiator grille sits inside chrome trim
Cases of Coke hidden inside small trap door at bottom side of orange truck
Tall, narrow house under construction on deserted lot is covered in blue Tyvek sheets

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