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Mock the Poncy Anglophile Week: Making fun of Alain de Botton’s ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’


Mocking billionaire’s son and author Alain de Botton: “I recognized my desire to submit to the report’s conclusions in the hope of quelling my doubts about my future”


Mocking Alain de Botton: “In the evening, I ordered a breaded chicken escalope from room service, and ate it whilst sitting on my bed, reading a book on the history of art in the Low Countries.” (Then he cruised personal ads)


Mocking Alain de Botton: “ ‘Fuck off. We don’t give tours,’ he responded decisively”


Mocking Alain de Botton: “[I]t seemed not to have a centre where citizens could gather for fellowship, javelin contests and philosophical debate”


Mocking Alain de Botton: “It should not be presumed from this image that the author is in any way lacking in empathy or bonhomie, or that he would be unable (as is sometimes suspected of intellectuals) to take his place, man to man, amongst a group of illiterate Indian Ocean sailors [continues for some time]”

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