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Mock the Poncy Anglophile Week: Making fun of Alain de Botton’s ‘The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work’


Mocking billionaire’s son and author Alain de Botton: “I recognized my desire to submit to the report’s conclusions in the hope of quelling my doubts about my future”


Mocking Alain de Botton: “In the evening, I ordered a breaded chicken escalope from room service, and ate it whilst sitting on my bed, reading a book on the history of art in the Low Countries.” (Then he cruised personal ads)


Mocking Alain de Botton: “ ‘Fuck off. We don’t give tours,’ he responded decisively”


Mocking Alain de Botton: “[I]t seemed not to have a centre where citizens could gather for fellowship, javelin contests and philosophical debate”

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