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Reasons why your site doesn’t need comments


What I told John Stackhouse of the Globe and Mail. In short: Why did you ever believe Mathew Ingram on the topic of comments? (Now with update after off-topic caterwauling from Carl Wilson)


The Internets, like other young men, hold grudges. The issue is not your own desire or need to change. It is enemies’ and opponents’ desire and need to stop you from doing that


I try to improve. Who, it seems, does not? Denis McGrath


“[A] searing insight into the pathetic and disastrous state of our comment-obsessed culture”


Because DesignNotes.info has them. (Isn’t the type on your Web page like Trajan’s Column?)


Because Joe·My·God has them


You can’t act all surprised when people show up to shit in your pool. But what exactly can you do?


Why I don’t allow comments. It has something to do with ongoing, deliberate vituperation and personal defamation

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First of all, as of March 2019 this personal Weblog is on hiatus for some months.

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