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Reasons why your site doesn’t need comments


Toronto’s bien-pensant media intelligentsia want Xtra’s “pink” newspaper boxes back. What they don’t want is the task of investigating Xtra. Good thing I’m here


Grizzled positoid Joe Jervis again warns commenters on his site that their comments might be used by anti-gay forces. Oblivious to the harm he is causing, Jervis shows endless moral repugnance


Xtra threatens to launch a new daily-news site. What odds do you give they’ll do everything wrong?


Of course gay blogs don’t make money. Their owners don’t know their own industries, have bad taste, and suicidally insist on doing what is known not to work. Journos covering the topic are just as baffled


Tyler Brûlé: “I don’t really care what other viewers think. I just want to hear what the correspondent on the ground has to say”


At some point, you’re going to have to snap out of your denial. Comments are a proven failure on news sites and are a minefield of personal harm everywhere


Ask Ben Hammersley: Chasing “the conversation” is “actually almost a cultural crime”


What I told John Stackhouse of the Globe and Mail. In short: Why did you ever believe Mathew Ingram on the topic of comments? (Now with update after off-topic caterwauling from Carl Wilson)


The Internets, like other young men, hold grudges. The issue is not your own desire or need to change. It is enemies’ and opponents’ desire and need to stop you from doing that

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