Grizzled positoid/anti-bullying advocate Joe·My·God continues his crusade to enact the greatest possible online harm. Not only might his site take down your browser, it explicitly invites comments that not only are not vetted but may be reported to law enforcement and, Jervis reminds us with a straight, if ravaged, face, can and will be used by anti-gay shock troops. Perhaps It Gets Better for “LGBTQ” youth, but it never gets better for anyone splattered by Jervis’s toxic mash.

The irrevocable decay of the gay press has no stronger indicator than Jervis’s site’s role as copier-and-paster of other people’s news. There are better things for a man like him to be doing; one that leaps to mind is working at the paying job he ostensibly holds down. For that matter, there are better things for his commenters to be doing, especially those of a certain age.

There is no credible rival site, and Matt Mills has given me every indication he intends to steer Xtra’s new “Web presence” at a similarly-sized iceberg.

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