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At various locations in the east end, and somehow still in business.

Cartouche-shaped sign with background of brown landscape with bluish seas has the word Ring in a blue circle, with a diamond in a separate unit on the right

I guess guys are willing to cross the river to buy the last vinyl turntables still in manufacture.

Half-broken sign reads MER in letters inscribed in slate

Rather extravagant orange Didot (or didot, generically) italics with crapola Helvetica and ITC Bookman. And handlettering.

Sign reads anita’s hair styling in orange italics, with other signs tacked above and extending from the end

Bit of a Cabbagetown mishmash that could stand in for a Leslieville mishmash.

Vitrine has Fresh DONUTS & SANDWICHES and other hand-lettering, with three LEASE signs tacked up behind the glass
Sign reading DIET PEPSI and, in worn-out letters, JOE’S CONFECTIONERY, with red and blue wavy stripes
Sign with the word PEPSI between red and blue quarter-circle waves above and below, and JOE’S CONFECTIONERY on a yellow background

One of my snobberies concerns true and accurate Palatinos.

Sign reads GEORGIA’S BEAUTY SALON and a phone number in Palatino, with a neon OPEN sign turned off underneath

But really, Zapf has drawn or authorized so many variations that trueness and accuracy are relative terms. This does not mean I have to like the default versions installed on computers.


I don’t know where to begin with this one, given its mishmash of el-cheapo jumbo Arial, delicate Optima subheds, and extremely superklassy faux-marquee. (Do you really think parking is ever worth $20,000 anywhere outside Japan?)

Storefront completely covered in type for the Star of Downtown ‘townsuites,’ with drawings of light bulbs, like a marquee, at the edges of some signs

This development, by the way, is half a block down the street from the fantastically overdense and troubled St. James Town, and right across from the Food Basics.

Script and handlettered type on silvery store-window vestibule reads 724½ NEW Doyle’s DISCOUNT CIGAR STORE

And less pretentious than, say, the cheese shop’s.

Shop window in front of closed Venetian blinds reads TRAVEL MEDICAL CLINIC Dr. Doidge, b.a., m.d. in bold and book-weight bank gothics

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