Local journo isn’t quite as clever as she thinks she is


I heartily cheer the demise of J-Source and OpenFile. And, boy, do I have documentation on their failings


Toronto journalists, a monoculture of a commentariat class, have a shared technical incompetence that made them a year late on the biggest journalism story of ’012


Globe and Mail publishing reporter John Barber allowed a serious factual error to creep into an article about the future of professional writers. But the Globe itself darkened that future


Does Sarah Nicole Prickett really think her hit piece on Aaron Sorkin means she’s got it made?


Months in the making, today I’m releasing Borked Unicode, a pop-up blog that aims to teach hacks (i.e., journalists) the minimum they need to know about Unicode. The goal is to make it possible for hacks to write clean copy.


J-Source commissioned a story on gay money, then ignored my ass. So here it is!


At the second Hacks & Hackers event, only two of the demos were journalistic. And why are we still doing demos?


Last night (2010.10.21) was the first mixer for Hacks & Hackers Toronto. Now let’s get to work

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None. I quit.

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