You’ve got two kinds of unimaginably hideous signs:

  1. Those whose designers don’t know better, as in the classic Grocer’s Apostrophe (Apple’s and Pear’s). These signs don’t even have designers. (In the olden days, they had painters. Now they’ve just got somebody typing in Word for Windows. Ever notice how many signs these days are set in Verdana?)
  2. Those whose designers do know better.

These categories boil down to “Not trying” and “Trying.” I nominate this sign as the worst ever tried by someone who gave a damn.

Pink, gold, and yellow sandwich-board sign with script and italic type: ‘Copper Dreams: New Age Products for a more Natural Lifestyle’

It also gets in the way of blind people passing by on the sidewalk (an actual problem). Thankfully, they cannot see it.

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