First of all, immediately read every film review by Kim Morgan. This chick needs a gig as a syndicated columnistrix pronto.

  1. Continue driving safely
  2. Special faith-healing [crip] entrance at Dollywood
  3. I can only guess what suppositions and realities guided the art directors in deciding when not to display the penis
  4. Chad Smith (op. cit.) now runs his own practice. Five years from now, he’ll engage in double-entry bookkeeping about the clients he does and does not enjoy spending time with
  5. Fatties need seatbelts too!
  6. Wow. Even the Italians dissect my argot
  7. “A Brockton neighborhood activist who has protested profanities screamed at rock concerts has hosted ‘horny bi-dads’ for free-for-all orgies across from a junior high school.” Next they’ll demand their own float (or pull a dyke and demand a separate parade)
  8. WCAG 1.0 in Hebrew. Companion site to my book?
  9. Duplicating radio playlists onliné
  10. Type Somebody Else Saw Today: Lonely Words in Search of Chums
  11. View-Master party. Inverts would do it n00d
  12. The Famous Mysterious Actor (as seen in VulturePulps 8 and 10)
  13. A Perfect Peace: A Novel about Gay Men at War. Well, why bother? We’ve got Zeelandism and The Boy Who Picked the Bullets Up
  14. The HTML Personalized Settings Challenge. Now, why can’t every browser let you personalize how you view each and every site?
  15. The slightly obsessional PR sense-of-place site” and Stephen King and “Charlie Don’t Surf” (Cf. PR-otaku)
  16. What does a deaf rave sound like? Frigging loud, probably. “If not deaf when go in, deaf when come out”
  17. The Honesty Virus”: “[H]e found that the students had mishandled the truth in about one-quarter of all face-to-face conversations, and in a whopping 37% of phone calls. But when they went into cyberspace, they turned into Boy Scouts: only 1 in 5 instant-messaging chats contained a lie, and barely 14% of E-mail messages were dishonest…. Indeed, the axiom that machines never forget is built into the very format of E-mail – consider that many E-mail programs automatically ‘quote’ your words when someone replies to your message.” So knock off the top-posting
  18. Microsoft Enables Millions More to Experience Personal Computing Through Local Language Program
  19. Q&A: Microsoft Launches New Local Language Program to Further Enable Global Access to Technology
  20. KDE 3.2.1 Released”: “KDE 3.2 and is available in 49 languages (now including Bengali, Icelandic, Japanese, Lithuanian, Low Saxon, Latin Serbian and Tajik”
  21. Microsoft speaks in tongues
  22. Fun With Words: Glossary of Linguistics and Rhetoric
  23. Linking to PDFs: Tips and Tricks
  24. How to Link from an HTML Page to a Specific Page in PDF File
  25. Military policy forces gay partners to quietly struggle on homefront
  26. How I conquered blindness”: Is that what one must do to blindness?
  27. The Science of Word Recognition (op. cit.)
  28. The Squandered Promise of Science Fiction”: “Among the factors arrayed against acceptance of SF as serious writing, none is more plain to outsiders than this: the books are so fucking ugly. Worse, they’re all ugly in the same way, so you can’t distinguish those meant for grown-ups from those meant for 12-year-olds. Sadly enough, that confusion is intentional”
  29. Baader-Meinhof: Interview with Bruce LaBruce
  30. An Audioblogging Manifesto. Also inaccessible (though that isn’t stopping MC May Techno Dance Remix anymore).
  31. Screen-reader visibility. Rather more comprehensive than my article
  32. Matt Damon’s “Porn Identity”: “The Bourne Supremacy star wants to make a ‘character-driven porn movie’ with an intellectual plot…. ‘My theory on action movies is that they’re like porn movies…. A porn movie has got really bad writing, really bad acting and really thinly-drawn characters. What I want to do is make a character-driven porn movie…. It’s all going to be about the character and the porn’s going to grow out of the characters and serve as character development.” Paging John Cameron Mitchell and Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers!
  33. Fleshbotism: I do get around.
  34. BigMuscleBlogs:

  35. Mr. Gay.com: A few too many dots in that title. Anyway, local faux-modest lad. “Badass” my arse
  36. Actual homosexualist construction worker (also BigMuscle)
  37. Porn developers do Web standards:
    So, to showcase some of my abilities with positional cascading style sheets, I’ll show you one of the sites I worked on. But a word of warning: it has, uhm, “explicit content.”

    Meaning: it’s a porn site. Now as some of you know, I’ve worked on porn sites before – if a site uses CSS for presentation and layout well, who cares if it’s a financial site or a site like, say, farmsex.com? And besides, we’re all adults here. Right? Right.

    OK, here we go.

    (The interviewee presses the ENTER key and the page loads, in all its pornographic glory.)

    The client came to us looking for a product that emphasizes clean design and responsive loading times.
    [Everyone else nods]
    I tried to convert the navigation into an unordered list, and…
    [Pauses, then runs to the conference room window and shuts blinds]

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