(Or rather, Joe does Fleshbot again.)

One had the pleasure, while in Austin, to stand around in the denuded and forlorn Oilcan Harry’s of a Tuesday night with Jonno, Brad L. Graham, and Josh Darden and his business manager. (Oddly, the cab driveuse knew exactly where the leather bar was, but the twink bar is where we ended up meeting.)

As the DJ, or a very lifelike mix tape, played every “gay” song you ever heard in the 1990s (apparently in alphabetical order), we stood around and got to know each other, finally. In an almost cosmic coïncidence, I would bump into Jonno at the superspecial coffee kiosk in the Austin airport the next day!

Now that we were close personal friends, surely it was inevitable that I would be invited to write a guest column for Fleshbot. It all came about after I sent Jonno over a hundred BigMuscle(Bears) links to add to his hopper, which prompted the eventual response – and I’m paraphrasing here – “Why don’t you frigging do it yourself?”

So I am. Read the Consumer Guide to BigMuscle(Bears) every Wednesday in April.

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