(Now with superspecial UPDATE!)   So let me get this straight…ish:

  • Google tracks television broadcasts and indexes the closed captions – but with Apple-style incorrect character encoding ( misrendered as ) and without showing you the captions on the video
  • Google shoots and edits a canned and stagey propaganda video ostensibly intended to attract women engineers… and publishes it without captioning

So tell me again how I’m in any way inaccurate in saying that Google doesn’t give a shit about accessibility? Captioning is mere feedstock data to Google, and valid, semantic HTML is something their brutish computerized trawlers overpower and ignore rather than reward.

In fact, why is it inaccurate to say that Google is stupendously inept at accessibility?


After prompting, Google wrote back (2005.04.15) and told me they’d corrected the character misencoding (:).

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None. I quit.

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