The newest “leaked” screenshots (a ridiculous manufactured term that demands its own quotation marks, rather like the “lost” episodes of a 1950s television series) of Windows Longhorn show that “Microsoft (R) Windows (R)” typography is alive and well:

Screenshot shows warning reading Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Codename Longhorn

Niggaz, please. This shit is embarrassing.

Meanwhile, the accessibility control panel one-ups Apple in the exercise of epitomizing disability in an icon. They also seem to have boiled the whole enterprise down to (mostly) blindness and a bit of deafness. That ought to simplify my life a little, huh?

Icon shows a square with a diamond in the centre and arrows pointing to all four corners. Legend reads: Accessibility. Optimize for blindness. Replace sounds with visual cues

I am primed and ready for gayness.” “I am primed and optimized for blindness.”

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None. I quit.

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