Or rather, IGA spits on your grave.

The second-rate supermarket chain IGA has this really awful aisle signage. (Have you ever visited a supermarket with even adequate aisle signage?)

That’s ITC Garamond for the aisle number and Novarese caps for the product categories. Oh, but wait, they didn’t leave enough room for those, so they have to scrunch the type. Think you could read that at a distance? (They also don’t know whether to use ampersand or slash to indicate “and.”)

Then you go two aisles over and things are worse.

Here they can’t get the signs updated from head office, so they just laser-print Times capitals and stick those sheets of paper on. (CHINESE FOOD? INDIAN FOODS [plural]?)

What happens if they have to use italic? They do know the capitals are upright, don’t they?

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