An uncommon daytime sighting of a raccoon. (This one is at least not mortally ill.) But as with the nighttime sightings, it is perfectly possible to take as many pictures as necessary until you get the one you want.

Large grey raccoon, with brown flecking on the back of the neck, crouches on top of wooden stairs

There was a difference today, though. I took a step to get closer, and the raccoon communicated “Now I am obligated to hide behind the trellis.” It was able to impart annoyance or resignation as it unhurriedly waddled under the step. I snapped a flash picture and stood a little bit too long, forcing it to show resignation again and walk into its hiding place.

Raccoons are surprisingly able to suggest emotional states. It is akin to offending a penguin, which happens even to tall, boyish, adorable penguin-keepers with movie-star names.

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